Kristy's Journey

The Creation of Home Tone


After learning her blood pressure was too high and by the third doctor visit it hadn't come down and little to no energy for her family, husband or job, stress, concern, and worry set in. However,  the doctor strongly recommended a change in diet and that deadly word- EXERCISE.

Taking prescribed high blood medicine was an alternate option but would have to be a part of her daily living. She knew she had to find a a natural solution. 

The last thing she wanted to do was share this with her fit and trim husband, who constantly bothered/urged her to exercise, and face the music. Something had to change. Gym memberships didn't solve the problem due to her busy schedule, and would more often than not be a waste of money. Other workout routines failed because they were to intense and didn't offer a "how-to" start approach. Depending how she felt from a long day at work that wouldn't prove to be a consistent workout regime.

While her blood pressure remained high and energy low, she looked around her home and noticed all the movements that she did around the house. The door, for example, had a swing motion that she used pretty much everyday. Pouring a glass of water from an 8 lb. jug is an everyday task but with the right mentality, it could easily become a workout.


Clearly her food options would have to change as well. No more caffeine, cut out the milk chocolate and adopt a balanced approach for food and exercise. Everything in moderation.


As a result of using simple movements she does everyday as a workout routine and coupling this with her new found nutrition plan. She begin to notice a spike in energy level, more flexibility, and a drop in blood pressure. If this worked for her what could she call it? How could she tell other women about it?


Home Tone seemed to be a fitting name for this unique program.        


                         -Make everyday movements pay off       

                                    -Convenient with your schedule      

                                               -Consistent with your lifestyle                   

                                                          -Cost-effective conditioning