Craft 'n Creations

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About Craft 'n Creations

Ann Hart started Craft 'n Creations, because she loved to paint, it was her passion, and she wanted to share that with the world. That's why Craft 'n Creations was started up in the first place, we wanted to let people know that art really does make a difference in the world, especially during these hard times we are going through. Along the way, we want to be the best art shop out there, and always remember our art shop quote "To make something great, it takes a small idea, and some inspiration."

So, to say just exactly what we do, we are a arts and craft shop that make what you order, and sell what we create. Scroll down for a box where you can put in what kind of craft or what kind of painting you want us to make, and we will deliver it to your door! (Additional info included below). 

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